After 14 years of mechanical experience; In 1982 Ali Peivandi Yazdi founded a family-based company as a plastic machinery and air compressor manufacturer in Mashhad. The company focused on plastic machinery and according to market needs and the potential he had, the next change in strategy came in 1992. From then on, the company started PET bottle production by importing the first ISBM machine to IRAN.

BOTRINO is a part of a family-based company which is specialist in producing PET and cooperating with the other part of the company, BEHBOOD POLYMER which is producing PE bottles as a sister company.
BOTRINO produce PET containers directly from PET resin to bottle by using ISBM machinery; on the other hand, BEHBOOD POLYMER is focusing on PE bottles/jars, PP and PS cups.
We always tried to provide a competent technical customer service, supporting our clients with the effective application of our products which can help them to check product performance according to market needs.

The development of a new product to offer specific solutions in line with our customers’ requirement has very high priority for us. So, the BOTRINO was launched as a response to market’s need and continuous technological advancement to please even the pickiest clients.